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Product Q&A

What is the egg shell membrane?

The eggshell membrane comes from eggs and is a white film with a thickness of about 0.07mm between the eggshell and the albumen. Because it is all-natural, eggshell membrane is also known as a "complete nutritional food."

What are the main components of egg shell membrane?

85-88% of the eggshell membrane is composed of protein, of which about 20% is elastin and 15-20% is collagen. In addition, the egg shell membrane also contains polysaccharides such as leucine and hyaluronic acid.

What are the benefits of using eggshell membrane products?

Eggshell membrane contains ingredients that can help improve human joint health, smooth fine lines and whiten.

What is the difference between SHINKENKO egg shell membrane and products on the market?

Eggshell membrane products on the market are mostly facial masks, eye creams and other application products. The focus is on the eggshell membrane's ability to smooth fine lines and whiten. SHINKENKO Eggshell Membrane is an oral product. In addition to the above-mentioned beauty effects, it also takes care of your joint health.

Why not take glucosamine to take care of your joint health?

Although glucosamine is also a common staple on the market for joint health, not everyone is suitable for consuming glucosamine. According to research, there are at least 7 groups of people who are not suitable for glucosamine products: pregnant women, patients with high blood pressure, patients with chronic liver disease, people with poor coagulation function, chemotherapy patients, glaucoma patients and people who are allergic to crabs. The eggshell membrane is suitable for all groups.

What is NMN?

The full name is "β-nicotinamide mononucleotide", which is a naturally occurring biologically active nucleotide that can be found in the human body and some foods.

What is the role of NMN?

In the human body, NMN is the most direct predecessor of NAD+, and its function is reflected through NAD+. However, as we age, the body's natural NAD levels decline, leading to diseases and disabilities such as hearing and vision loss, cognitive and motor dysfunction, immune deficiencies, arthritis due to dysregulated autoimmune inflammatory responses, metabolic disorders, and Cardiovascular diseases. Supplementing NMN is to increase the NDA content in the human body, thereby delaying, improving, and preventing various manifestations of aging.

Why take NMN?

Although traces of NMN can be found in many foods, such as beef, edamame, broccoli, tomatoes, etc. However, limited by the body's absorption capacity, a large amount of these foods is required to obtain sufficient NMN. This is obviously unrealistic in daily life, so it is more realistic to meet the NMN intake requirement by directly consuming NMN products.

What are the differences between the two products?

Both products contain NMN as well as vitamin C and vitamin D. The only difference is the NMN dosage between the two.
The dosage of SHINKENKO NMN 7200 is 120mg per pill, and SHINKENKO 180000 SUPER 6IN1 is 300mg per pill. In addition, SHINKENKO 180000 SUPER 6IN1 is added with vitamin B12, black pepper extract and curcumin.

Do you sell NMN in Japan? Or are your products produced in Japan? Why can’t I see Japanese websites?

Our products are indeed produced in Japan, manufactured by KENKO, a long-established and well-known Japanese pharmaceutical company. The reason why you can't see it on the Japanese website is because SHINKENKO's products are mainly manufactured for the Hong Kong market and are not on the shelves in Japan.

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