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SHINKENKO series products

High quality, strict control, health protection

The unique C+D patented formula can improve absorption efficiency and fully replenish the body's NAD+. When NMN is combined with vitamins C and D, it can not only replenish the vitamins that urban people often lack at one time, but also achieve health and anti-aging effects at the same time. In addition, the use of other supplements can also be reduced to achieve all the effects at once.

A health product carefully formulated and supported by scientific research, it uses nutrients and natural ingredients to promote the absorption and utilization of NMN and provide a variety of additional health benefits. Based on NMN, in addition to vitamin C and vitamin D, curcumin, black pepper extract and vitamin B12 are also added to improve antioxidant efficiency, enhance immune system and cardiovascular health, and promote intestinal health. It can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and truly achieve natural health care.

SHINKENKO Essesu Tamago Eggshell Mask is a product that can effectively improve skin and body health. It has American patented formula and raw materials, and is made in Japan with reliable quality.

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