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About us

Brand story

SHINKENKO was established in 2021. SHINKENKO is a health care product brand jointly founded by Shanghai chemical raw material manufacturer Fuxin Chemical and Japan's KENKO Group.

The idea of the brand comes from the desire to provide families with safe, reliable and high-quality health food.

Xinyankang is committed to using the highest quality and pure products to inspire people from all walks of life to live healthier.

We believe that health is our capital, and we are committed to changing health for a long time without being limited by age.

Japanese partner—

Kenko has over 50 years of experience in the wellness industry and is the world's first Coq10 wellness manufacturer. Our high purity standards and technical prowess have earned us a reputation for excellence. With strong innovation capabilities, we expanded our business to Hong Kong in 2021 and created a new brand Shinkenko for Japanese corporate customers.

From 2023, Shinkenko will be positioned as a pioneer in anti-aging solutions, focusing on the general market. We are committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive range of anti-aging supplements and solutions that meet our high purity standards and superior technical prowess.

Thank you for considering us your health partner.

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