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Unique C+D patented formula improves absorption efficiency and fully replenishes the body's NAD+


NMN mixed vitamins C and D can improve blood circulation, resist disease, improve immune function, enhance bone and tooth health, improve skin and eye health, prevent cardiovascular disease, resist vascular aging, improve gastrointestinal function, antioxidant, and improve sleep. Quality, reduces fatigue, improves nervous system function, prevents aging, improves digestive function, reduces inflammation, improves oxygen levels in the blood, improves sugar levels in the blood, reduces the risk of brain diseases, reduces the risk of obesity, improves blood levels Cholesterol content, and improving immune function, etc.



Vitamin D helps prevent and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, dementia, cancer, etc. In addition, vitamin D also helps us eliminate health problems such as sleep disorders, overweight, and fatigue, regulates blood pressure and blood lipids, prevents cardiovascular disease, and even helps increase male hormones, improve reproductive function, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It has the functions of protecting against viral and bacterial infections and preventing and treating pneumonia.


When NMN is combined with vitamin C and D, it can replenish vitamins that are commonly deficient among urbanites in one go. In addition to helping health and anti-aging, it can also reduce the consumption of other supplements, achieving all the effects in one go.

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