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NMN: The full name of NMN is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (β-nicotinamide mononucleotide), which is a naturally occurring biologically active nucleoside.
acid. NMN is inherent in our nutritional source and every cell in our body needs to consume it. In the human body NMN is
The precursor of NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, referred to as Coenzyme I), NAD+ plays a key role in maintaining cell health.
It is also of great help in regulating the immune system. Although the body can absorb NMN from a variety of daily food sources to maintain overall
It has physiological functions and helps maintain the biosynthesis of NAD+. But as we age, the consumption of NAD+ increases exponentially, leading to
As a result, the level of NAD+ in the body continues to decline, and after the age of 25, you will gradually become unable to make ends meet. So just from food
Absorbing NMN is certainly not enough. Food supplements may not always be absorbed and converted into NMN in the body. Therefore, simply rely on
Food supplements are actually very ineffective and require the intervention of external substances to fully supplement them. And NMN plays a role in the health and well-being of cells in our body.
Metabolic repair is of vital importance, fundamentally helping us recover from cells and stabilizing cell revitalization, thereby improving growth.
Longevity and body remain active. As age increases, the body's NAD+ will decline significantly and the signs of aging will become more obvious.
Efficacy (recommended people/situations):
Improve physical fitness: athletes, bodybuilders, people with physical weakness (elderly people, people after illness/surgery), chronic fatigue
Improve sleep: stress, insomnia, low sleep quality
Improve brain performance: brain workers, test takers, people who work overtime, people who stay up late, keep your mind clear
Prevent brain decline: depression, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, memory loss, mental stress
Enhance immunity: people prone to colds
Wound repair: oral ulcers, rupture injuries, postoperative wound recovery
Jet lag: business travelers across time zones
Anti-radiation: Radiology medical workers, aerial pilots, anti-radiation from electronic products
Clears the lungs and protects the liver: smokers, drinkers, and second-hand smoke victims
Lower blood pressure and cholesterol: High blood pressure and high cholesterol
Improve your skin: beauty lovers
Weight Loss and Body Shaping: Weight Loss People
SHINKENKO NMN: A NMN made entirely in Japan, we
NMN also adds vitamin C and vitamin D.
Vitamin C is added to help with antioxidants and help absorb NMN.
The addition of vitamin D is due to a world authoritative report stating that vitamin D can help prevent COVID-19 and that one in four people in Hong Kong is vitamin D deficient.
One capsule of ours contains 120MG NMN and one bottle contains 7200MG. In fact, the human body has an absorption limit for everything. After absorbing 90MG of NMN, most people will experience absorption fatigue, which means it is difficult to absorb more NMN. In this case, no matter how many ingredients there are, it will be a waste. For the above situations, our SHINKENKO's NMN is added to the vitamin formula to help increase the upper limit of daily absorption, allowing you to absorb more and be more effective.


  • NMN activates cells, repairs our cells, and balances our genes. NAD+ (coenzyme 1) is an enzyme our body needs. When we are born, the human body has 100% NAD+. At the age of 20, only 1/2 is left. When we reach the age of 40, only 1/4 is left, and when we are 60, only 1/8 is left. As we age, we lose the NAD+ that our body needs. Without NAD+, we will die in 30 seconds. NMN is It supplements the NAD+ that our body needs, which is coenzyme 1, so it can activate cells and balance our DNA. When cells are activated, natural immunity will be improved. The fundamental way is to regulate our entire body, so why after conditioning? White hair will grow into black hair and make you look younger. Why are some intractable diseases that doctors cannot solve effectively improved after taking NMN? This is because it is mainly because our cells are activated, because cells are the basic elements that make up our body.

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